I would like to see a movie with a main character which suffers from a serious disease or disability. Not because I want he to be in pain, but to see another kind of hero. I know that animated movies’ goals are to make us dream, but I would like to see a hero with another profile. Everything is always pinky and beautiful. Of course, the world of animated movies increased a lot recently, but I think that it should progress a bit more.
The only ‘different’ heroes which came in my mind right now are Nemo, from Finding Nemo and Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon. The first one has an atrophied fin (is it the right word?) and the second one lost his leg. I wonder why there isn’t more ‘different heroes’. A one in a wheelchair, or someone with cancer… I think it could be very interesting for people, adults and children to see that kind of hero.
We can also talk about thecharacters’ ideal of beauty. For women : very thin waist, skinny arms and legs, very large eyes… For men : muscled silhouette, trapezoid chin, beardless (except for Eugene (Tangled) and Pheobus (Hunchback of Notre-Dame) but this is just some facial hairs on the chin, and never on the cheeks. Actually, beards, square jaws or skeletal body are the signs of villains : Jafar (Aladdin), Gaston (The Beauty and the Beast), Shan Yu (Mulan)…) I think it could be interesting to see heroes with another kind of body. There are a lot of examples of a bit ‘chubby’ heroes in animated movies : Po in Kung Fu Panda, Shrek in Shrek (No? Really?), Fiona in Shrek… What is their common point? None of them is human.
To be honest, the only curvy heroine I can notice is Chel in the Road to el Dorado (amazing movie by the way).
But, even if the heroes are still a bit all the same, the world of animated movies evolved a lot and, years after years, more and more characters are created, and I’m very positive about the future to offer us these ‘new heroes’ 🙂

PS : It’s funny to call this post ‘New Heroes’ because the french name of the last Disney’s film Big Hero 6 is “Les Nouveaux Héros” (the new heroes) :3

Ok, it’s not very funny.
Sorry. xD